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You're just an illusion of my past. You exist only in my memories now.

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Monday, January 22nd, 2007
6:19 pm
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Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
3:06 pm

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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
8:47 am - another post..
Life has been pretty amazing lately! A bunch of my classes at school have gotten cancelled making for very short days there and more time to work and make money. I'm working on Saturdays now too, so if any of my friends want to come work with me on Saturdays let me know! I haven't had much homework with school either. I do have a 5 page paper looming over my head though that is due Thursday. Once I get started, it will be fine, but it's just getting started.

I've gone to two haunted things so far! Justin, Jessica and I went to one in Middletown that scared me pretty bad Friday night and then on Saturday Kristin, Scyler, Rob and I went to a haunted hayride...that was just fun, not scary...well Kristin was scared haha. After the hayride we all just came back and hung out at my house. It was a fun night :)

There is this boy...and I like this boy. He's sweet and adorable. Hopefully it will turn into something. He could be someone that I really turn out liking a lot. There is a little bit of distance between us, but not THAT much. It could work!

That's my life summed up right now. This coming weekend should be very fun! It's Kristin's birthday!!! Well today is her birthday, but we're celebrating this weekend woop!! Maybe some camping or something..it's the perfect weather..if not camping, then something fun.

I hope everyone has a good week!

<3 Billie

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Thursday, September 21st, 2006
9:04 am
Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated..I didn't realize it had been that long. Everything in my life is going pretty great. I got my license and bought my first car, which was pretty awesome :) I have survived my first month of college and it's still going pretty well. I like Miami a lot. I can't wait to be able to transfer so I can live in the dorms at either Oxford campus or all the way to Morehead State...or maybe somewhere different..I'm not exactly sure yet where I'm going.

I'm still working at Quality Gold, and I also picked up another side job of babysitting. On Tuesdays and Fridays I work two hours at QG and then babysit three hours on Tuesdays and two hours on Fridays. I work a regular shift after school on Mondays and Wednesdays and I'm now working Saturdays too, just to get some extra money. My schedule is pretty full! I have class every single day. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays my day of school is done at 12:20. On Tuesdays I'm done at 12:45 and Thursdays I'm done with morning classes at 12:45, but I have to come back for a night class. Everything keeps me pretty busy.

This weekend should be a fun one. Scyler is bringing his friends home from Wilmington with him, so Kristin, Scyler and I are going to show them what Hamilton is about.

TONIGHT Gray's Anatomy comes back on. I'm sooo excited. We've had Gray's Anatomy marathons for the past week and a half lol.

Well, I must go get in the shower and get ready to go to class. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend :)


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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
11:33 pm
First thing first--I got my license today...it feels pretty good to have them FINALLY. I just had never gone to take my test, but I passed it the first time, first try..so that's good. I feel a lot better...I don't have to worry about it now.

I lost so much sleep last night. Friends stayed over and I was just so nervous about my test. When I got home from my test I hung out, then I fell asleep around 4ish and slept til like seven. I definitely slept through church..I felt bad about that..I should have set an alarm..but I didn't plan to sleep that long.

After I woke up I hung around here for a while, then I went to eat dinner with my friend Kelly. That was tons of fun..I love that girl!

I talked to my friend Becky tonight and got a little sad...by this time next month all my friends at work will be gone back at school. Korrie is leaving the 4th, Katie left today..and Becky is leaving next month..it's going to be sad with everyone gone :( I'm really sad about Becky leaving because she's the one that I've gotten close to that I had just met there and I know I won't see her..or if I do..it won't be very often. I will see Kor and talk to her a lot..and I wasn't THAT close to Katie. Jon will be leaving..and who knows who else...it's going to be sad and quiet at QGC next month..Justin and I will have to work extra hard to entertain the group.

Well, I'm going to head to bed..I'm tired. I'm thinking about going into work at 10:30 tomorrow..that would be easier on my mom having to come get me that early. Well, I hope everyone has a good one..ttyl

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Friday, July 21st, 2006
8:13 pm
Life is pretty much amazing right now. I'm focusing on the positives and trying to forget about the negatives...life goes sooo much smoother when you do this. Today was a pretty good day at work..it was slow at times and I fell asleep because I've been so sleep deprived this last week. There has only been one night that I stayed by myself and the rest of the days people came to hang out with me..it's been pretty fun. I miss Tonja..she comes back home a week from today. I hope she enjoys her last week there.

I got a new phone and I love it! It was $225.00, but well worth it. I was spending so much buying phone cards. Now, I'm on a plan of unlimited everything and only pay 55 dollars a month..it's pretty good because I'm using the phone alllll the time!

I'm not sure what I'm up to this weekend..probably a whole lot of nothing...I am sooo tired lol. I need to practice driving a little bit more. I take my test wednesday..keep your fingers crossed..I need my license NOW!

I went to Miami Wednesday with Justin and I got everything finalized for school..it feels good to be all ready to start! It feels kind of weird though..gooood weird! I'm starting to get more familiar with the campus and I know that by this time next year I will know it like the back of my hand. I'm going to still stay at Quality Gold and work...it should work out pretty well. Justin and I are going to Columbus the weekend before we start school fall semester with work. Vee called me into her office and told me that she is putting Justin and I in the same room..she said they don't do that unless the couple is married, but she has gotten to know us and said she can trust us..and of course she can..he's my best friend..she said then she wouldn't have to worry about us sneaking out to see each other haha..she's soo cool I love her..but I still miss Bev, Gloria and Ted my old managers..and even Lynn..she was pretty awesome too! I love my new job though..it's really growing on me..it's easy and good money!

So, I have a lot to figure out in a short time. I really have to start weighing the pros and cons of the situation and figure out where's the best place for me to go. It's not going to be easy, but things just have to be done. I need to walk away from the situation and start my new life.

I've learned a lot in the past two weeks. Prayer changes things...Two of my good friends....friends that I would never picture going to church have come to me and told me they wanted to go with me..it is such an awesome feeling..it's very exciting. I love them both very much..they are two of my best friends..I've known him since 7th grade and he's like a brother..he's a good guy. and she was suppose to be my roomate in college and she's one of my best girl friends. I love em'

Friends are sooo important..for me, they have become my family and I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything. I've gotten close to some old friends this past month and I'm going to miss them terribly when college starts and they go off on their own, or return to their colleges...geez, I'll miss them..but I'll be right here waiting for everyone lol. Miami what...!

okay, time to go..love everyone to death!


P.S.-- CONGRATS TO NICOLE AND ERIC!!! That's so awesome..I'm very excited!! and I also can't wait to go canoeing!

current mood: calm

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Thursday, July 13th, 2006
10:29 pm
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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
4:57 pm
Life is still pretty great. I'm still liking my job a lot. I'm still loving my new house. Tonja left for Europe Monday morning...I miss her, but it IS fun having this big house to myself. Mike came in for the weekend to see her...they are such a cute couple!! I think he's perfect for her..it's kind of sad he lives so far away. The animals are still alive and well. They are too darn cute!

I was suppose to go to kinds island til around 5 today, but the weather sucks!! I love having Wednesdays off!! AHHH!!! and the weekends!

Okay, I just realized what time it is...and church starts at 6...so I've gotta jump in the shower and walk down there..so I have to get going..Hope everyone has a good day!!

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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
6:54 pm
Let’s face it, we’ve changed, we’ve all changed. Somewhere between summer ending and school starting, we’ve all gone our own directions. Hearts were broken, friendships were diminished, and new loves started and new people came into our lives. We no longer spend all of our time together in our circle of friends; we no longer talk for hours about nothing at all. Some of us are finding love while some of us are trying to let go. Even though we’ve changed we all know that even though we’re all finding our own place in the world that when we find love, let go of a love, or when the tears fall, or a smile spreads across our face, we’ll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us and no matter what happens nothing will change so much that we are all not friends forever.

♥ ... I learned that the greatest thing about high school isnt the parties or the drinking or the hook-ups... It's the friendships which means taking chances. I learned that sometimes the things we want to forget are the things which we most need to talk about. I learned that letters from friends are the most important thing, And that sending cards to your friends makes you feel better. But, basically, I just learned that my friends Both OLD & NEW Are the most important people to me in the world And without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. So this is a thank you to all of my friends For always being there and I love you.

Life is great right now. Went to church with Kor this morning and they had the baptisms going on and I loved it..it was sooo powerful!!! Definately an awesome service!!

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Friday, June 30th, 2006
10:40 pm
This week has been really, really great! Work was good and just everything. Monday and Tuesday were a bit slow, but I got through them and it was fine. Wednesday I just cleaned and reorganized my new room and just hung around the house, then I decided to go to church..it was awesome. I really did miss it..it was just like being back home and I was laughing and joking..it was such a nice feeling. I wish I would have remembered this week was vbs because I could have planned a bit better and could have gone more than just one day :( Yesterday Justin and I stayed after work for a little bit, hit traffic, then he had to stop and get gas, then had to run to his house and back to his mom's and by the time I got home it was about 7:15 and I had to let Paxton out and feed him, then make sure the rabbit was okay and fed and watered and it was already almost 8 by the time I got through all that. I was kind of bummed.

Today was payday at work..this was my first check since I've been there..it was awesome. They hold a week's pay back so I've worked for three weeks and we get paid every two weeks..which is cool I guess. I got about $500 bucks..it was nice. Justin and I ran to the bank on our lunches and I put most of it in the bank and then after work Justin had to wait to get his PTO request and then we had planned on going to eat with his mom, sister and step dad after work..so we met up with them and then went to Staples because he needed to get stuff and I also got some stuff for my desk at work...it was fun! I also got a new battery for my digital camera...so that makes me happy. Then, we went to Walmart and I bought a picture frame thing and the movie Failure to Launch, but when we got home Tonja had already bought it lol so I think I'm just going to give the one I bought to Justin's mom for her birthday.

After Justin and I came back home, we just hung out with my puppy Paxton and watched the MadTv dvd a girl at work let me borrow lol and we cracked up for about an hour straight...LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!! hahaha. He just left to go home and tomorrow he's coming over really early and we're going shopping for his mom and step dad's birthday..we are going to take them out for dinner tomorrow to celebrate because they are going to the Dominican Republic next week and will be gone for their birthdays. It should be fun, then I think Justin and I are hanging out later that day too, then I might catch up with Korrie for plan take down Bailes hahaha.

Alright, I think I've rambled enough..it's just been a really great week. I'm trying to talk Justin into going to church with my on Sunday....we'll see how that goes :) but I think his dad would freak out and that's what's keeping him from visiting there with me.

I'll catch you guys later!


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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
8:28 pm - My life updated
Sorry it's been a while since I have updated..things have been pretty busy. I started my new job and I absolutely LOVE it! Justin loves it as well..so things are going pretty sweet! I thought I would kind of miss Kroger, but really I don't at all..I am not attached anymore. I know that the job I have is better and more stable, so it's nice! I do miss some of the people, but I still talk to the ones who mattered..and even though sometimes change can be hard, it can turn out really good. I like the people I work with now too. My whole floor is soooo laid back..it's awesome. We don't have a dress code, can eat or do whatever at our cubicles and ahhh I wish you could see it..I love my job!!! I am getting paid quite a bit more..that's exciting. I don't get my first check til the 30th, 10 days from today..but it's going to be awesome. I'm now making around five hundred every two weeks..which is a huge change from my tiny kroger salary.

My grad party went pretty well..Not everyone that I expected to show up showed up, but a few people that I didn't expect to be there came. The highlight was definately when Duncan and Weimer came and flicked confetti at Justin and I for two hours LOL that's good stuff. Troy came to my grad party..it ticked Justin off a little lol but he has a gf so he can't be mad at me!! It's like Justin and I are married, but we're just best friends lol..we are like the same person..I love it. He's the best friend I could ever ask for.

I'm off on Wednesdays from my job and I have every weekend off (it's closed on the weekends and it closes at 7 at night..but I only work til 6) so I have tomorrow completely free to just hang out!

I have a date Saturday night with Mike :) I have gone out with him before..but he's a really nice guy and I kind of like him..ahh giddy giddy :) He's kind of older..he's 22, but we get along fine and it's all good....it's only 4 years! Anyhoo, I can't wait til Saturday night!!

I might go home this weekend and see my nephews and neice..I kind of miss them..and actually I kind of miss my mom...being moved out and away from her makes us have a better relationship I think. It's kind of nice :)

This past weekend I saw The Breakup and See no Evil...the breakup was okay, kind of sad..but see no evil was horrible!! TOOOOOO much blood for me and I hate those kind of movies!! ewwww lol Justin and I about threw up! It was like the time him and I went and seen Saw II and we were both nautious when it was over..gahhh puke spit. lol.

Did I mention I love my job??!!

Talk to you guys later,

As the spring in its bloom, the summer stars and the moon
Come and dance with me my love, and we will be one.

We go together,
I promise forever,
Everyday together,
I live with you.

As the leaves and the trees, the oceans celebrate you and me.
We will live to see many days, and we will dream, we'll dream.

We go together,
I promise forever,
Everyday together,
I live with you

current mood: accomplished

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Thursday, June 8th, 2006
12:38 pm
So, I'm all graduated now. It's nice not having to worry about getting a diploma...I got one and nobody can take it away. I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. I cried the morning of graduation, but not again after..I was fine. Millet Hall use to seem sooo big when I went there for other people's graduations, but it felt really small on Monday. I don't think that everything has hit me yet, but it's starting to.

Yesterday was a long day, but ended really well. Justin picked me up at 10:30, we had lunch, then went to the mall. After the mall we went and hung out at his house for a while, then we had our appointment at Miami to schedule classes for the fall. We got there at 2:00 and didn't get out of there until 4:30. It was insane, but I'm glad I got all that squared away. My advisor, who I really don't think knew quite what all she was doing, put me into four classes. My friend Kelly picked me up and we went to visit my friend Adrienne who I haven't seen for THREE years...omg it was so nice to see her. She moved away at the end of my freshman year to teach in Connecticut, but she just recently moved back home...I missed her. When we got out there she looked at my class schedule and her and Kel said I needed another class, so they went into my account and put me in Anthropology..making me have five classes first semester with a total of 15 hours.

My days will look like this:

9:30-10:20 ATH 175
10:30-11:20 MTH 101
11:30-12:45 ENG 111

10:30-11:20 MTH 101
11:30-12:45 COM 135

9:30-1020 ATH 175
10:30-11:20 MTH 101
11:30-12:45 ENG 111

10:30-11:20 MTH 101
11:30-12:45 COM 135
4:00-6:00 EDL 204

9:30-10:20 ATH 175
10:30-11:20 MTH 101

That's my first semester schedule as of right now. I will be working when I can after school. It should be a good year.

Saturday was my last day at Kroger. I start my new job making three dollars more an hour on Monday. Saturday I take my ACT's again.



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Thursday, April 20th, 2006
3:23 pm
I got back into town late last night. I was going to go to school, but completely slept through both my alarms and Justin didn't wake me up...I was soooo wiped out so I just stayed home and caught up on sleep..then I went to deposite some money in my account...I love saving money :) Now, I'm getting ready for work from 4 til 8..then home and doing some homework...It's almost the weekend..and that means work, work, work..money, money, money..so it's all good.

Hope everyone has a good day,

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Monday, April 17th, 2006
12:01 am
My uncle passed, so I'm going out of town for a few days to spend time with some family...hope everyone has a good week


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Saturday, April 15th, 2006
8:55 am - It's getting closer...
It's getting closer...

All good things must come to an end, but I wouldnt want it to end
with any other people or be at any other time.

I've learned that good-byes will always hurt;
pictures will never replace having been there;
memories, good or bad, will bring tears;
and words can never replace feelings.

Faces of old and faces of new. People we know and people we knew.
Growing together then drifting apart. Always an ending and now a new start.
At graduation we all grow nearer, and all of our friends seem to much dearer.
And as we say our final goodbye, one last embrace and one more cry.
A "keep in touch" and a "promise I will," a "remember when"
but, better still; a place in my heart, you'll always stay.
This is what's said as we go our own way.

As we walk across this stage, we start a new chapter
Never forget the good times of joy & laughter
New memories to be made, a new life to begin
Never forget this day, we all grew within

Our four years have all become unraveled and so
our high school story finally ends. But years
from now, no matter where we've traveled
we'll all look back and think about our friends.

June the month most seniors live for.
The end of one life and the beginning of another.

Through four years of school, you think somewhere
along the line they would've taught us how to say goodbye

Graduation is the day I will not say goodbye,
Graduation is the day I turn away and cry,
All these years together have drifted by too fast,
Please don't forget anyone that doesn't belong in your past,
Keep them all in your future, still there holding on,
Keep them all near your heart, where they're never gone.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.

Party hard shake that ass
Have some fun make it last,
Remember the night, remember the kiss,
Remember the times your gonna miss,
Remember your friends forget the pricks
Because were the class of 2006!

Here's to making sure the party never ends
This way I'll know we'll always stay friends
That's right, friends till the end is what I predict

All classes that follow have a disadvantage
For no one could top the damage we've managed
We're the kids no therapy could fix

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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
4:17 pm
It's officially SPRING BREAK! WOOOO. I have had an amazing time so far. Friday was senior skip day at school, but I had already had too many senior skip days so Justin and I decided to just go. A bunch of my friends who stayed in Hamilton and I were suppose to go camping Friday and Saturday nights, but the weather on Friday was toooo bad, so we decided to just wake up super early Saturday morning and head out. Amanda picked me up at about 8:15!!!!! We met up with everybody at Liz F's house and then headed to Kroger to get all our food for camping. After Kroger, we stopped my Matt's house to get another cooler, then left for good ole Houston Woods! We got a pretty awesome site. A ton of people ended up staying. It was suppose to be just three tents and six people on the site, but it definately ended up being five tents and a lot more than six people. The people who went were me, Amanda j, Justin L, Liz R, Brandon W, Liz F, Tyler R, Tyler S, Matt R, Biggie, Nick K, Scyler L, Kevin Joose..and then other people randomly showed up and then Josh Filino and Aaron Pearce spent the night the second night along with John and a few others. I ended up staying with a different group of my friends that were there camping too because a lot of the people at my site were couples and I was in a tent with a couple lol so I just stayed down at the other site with my friends Heidi M, Ashley S, Kristin S and then ashley's sister and her friend...a few other people ended up sleeping in our tent both nights. We went on a lot of trails and just hung out..I had sooooo much fun!!! I accidentally showered in the boys shower room lol ahh geez I felt sooo dumb lol. I had Justin drop me off at the showers and I wasn't paying attention and it was early in the morning so nobody was in there...I thought it was the girls shower, but I went in there and started showering lol and I heard guy voices and I'm just like HOLY CRAP..but I couldn't do anything about it, so I just finished my shower, got dressed and just walked out lol I think they were in shock that I had been in there the whole time...but so was I. I just waved and said "Bye Boys" and walked out lol. It was definately hilarious..I sitll can't believe that..it was my luck! The park rangers came down a few times to check on us...I thought they were going to get in trouble a few times...but the ranger was really cool and just said to keep the noise level down so we tried lol. At night time it was SOOOOO cold. The first night Heidi, Ashley and I spooned all night..you couldn't have fit a piece of paper between us..we were FREEZING..lol and Heidi kept farting on me and then Ashley started farting on Heidi lol..I couldn't ever work one up lol. Then the second night, it started out with just us three on a blow up mattress like the night before, but then John came down and wanted to sleep in our tent so he came and slept on me at first lol, then he got between Heidi and I..he kept getting on us..it was hilarious..he was sooo wasted. He decided he wanted to take all his clothes off too, which was interesting and he kept getting up and running around the tent lol we were cracking up...but finally he just fell asleep lol. This camping trip was definately awesome. I should have just gone with Heidi and Ashley because I was with them the most. Spring Break 06' has gotten an awesome start...we have a few more days left...lets make the most of it SENIORS!!!


Over and Out,

current mood: giddy

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Saturday, April 1st, 2006
10:48 pm - Hmm..interesting
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Friday, March 31st, 2006
9:45 am
I've definately been neglecting Livejournal and just about every other site this week. I've worked everyday besides Wednesday til 10 and ended up even staying later on some of those nights..but I'm updating now..starting with the weekend.

Our weekend actually started on Thursday because we had no school Friday. Justin, Jessica and I went to the movies...we saw Sarah B! She said Justin and I fight like a married couple haha. We saw Final Destination 3, which I had never seen any of the others, but I just went with it. After work we hung out for a little bit then went home

Friday: I was off on Friday, but Shannon came over and picked me up. We went for breakfast, then back to Garfield to get all of her student's artwork together to display at HHS for Artrageous. I was at HHS all day even though we didn't have school..bah! but it was fun. After we got everything hung up we went to dinner. Me, Shan, Jon and Linda went to Max and Erma's..good times..love chicken parmasian..YUMMMY..not as good as Olive Garden..geez it's been too long since I've had Olive Garden!!! WANT SOME! Friday night after dinner I just went home and chilled out

Saturday I had to be up and ready to roll by 8! I went down to EKU and toured it. I liked it a lot, but I think I went there trying to hate it. :( it's so scary and sad leaving, but maybe it's something that I just need to do and get over. I will miss the people close to me, but it's really going to be hard leaving Justin. Him and I are going on vacation the week after graduation I'm pretty sure. We'll get to spend some time together then, but I will just miss him sooo much..ahhhh! After EKU I hung out with the kiddies for a little bit, then went home. Just hung around the house and work on my Psych project...and debated every reason possible why I should stay in Hamilton lol

Sunday--Korrie and I went to The Vineyard..hadn't seen her in wayyy tooo long!! That was fun getting caught back up. Jube met us there too..it was good to see her. I like the Vineyard..it was HUGE!!! The worship was really good..there were songs I actually knew..very upbeat and do your own thing..liked that a lot. After church, Korrie brought me home and I worked on my psych project some more.

This week..I've worked everyday besides Wednesday..went with Justin that day to dinner, then to look stuff about prom and our vacation we are planning online, then I went home...Today should be a pretty easy day..step team thing..the only classes I have left are Gov't and English...shouldn't be too bad. Good luck to our step team tonight at competition..Justin's mom is trying to get me to skip work to go with them to see Jess perform..sooo tempting lol..At least I get off at 10 and not 12. I will try to update within the next century..

Hope everyone has a good weekend


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Saturday, March 18th, 2006
10:03 pm
So last night I went on a date and I really had a good time..laughed really hard and just had a blast...it was fun. He's a very nice guy..I'm not looking for anything very serious...just someone to hang out with..it was fun

I saw this post that I'm putting on here and it made me think a lot. I haven't been living like the christian I should be...I really need to get things back straight. It's really hard to admit, but one of the first steps to recommiting to God is to admit that you are a sinner..and I'm definately admitting that right now. It's not easy..but I'm saying it right here for my friends, church family and God to see and know. I haven't been living right. I don't mean that I've been out doing horrible things, but I know that I could be doing a lot better. I have strayed away from church..not because I don't want to be there...but because I've let other things in my life out-prioritize it. One of the biggest challenges for me is that I don't really surround myself with christian people..people who would help me with accountibility. I have one true christian friend that I hang out with on a daily basis and that's my best friend Justin...and him and I have really been talking about this in depth lately. I wish I had a group of friends with a stronger background. I wish our youth was bigger. Justin has introduced me to some of his friends and I am getting closer to them, but Westside is still where my hearts at. I just wish and pray that we will grow in numbers...but ya know..when I don't come and other people don't come on a regular basis..that doesn't help the numbers growing..so I'm taking a lot of that blame. It's our job to invite people and go out and inform people about us. I just really want to work on my life...I can't stand the thought of being fake..when I'm not living my life like I should..people can tell..I sort of just dissapear..I can't just go when I know things in my heart aren't right. I want to get fired up again..I want this..I'm opening my heart back up and I want to recommitt myself. Please pray for this situation and keep me in your thoughts this week.

Imagine this happening to you...

One Sunday morning during mass, a 2,000 member congregation was surprised to see two men enter, both covered from head to toe in black and carrying submachine guns.

One of the men proclaimed,

"Anyone willing to take a bullet for Christ remain where you are."

Immediately, the choir fled...

the deacons fled...

and most of the congregation fled....

Out of the 2,000 there only

remained around 20.

The man who had spoken took off his hood...

He then looked at the preist and said "Okay Father, I got rid of all the hypocrites... Now you may begin your service. Have a nice

And the two men turned and walked out.


*Funny how simple it is for people to trash God ..

and then wonder why the world is in the condition it is today....

*Funny how we believe what the newspapers say...

but question what the Bible says...

*Funny how everyone wants to go to heaven...

provided they do not have to believe, think, say, or do anything the Bible says.

or is it scary?

*Funny how someone can say "I believe in God"...

but still follow Satan (who, by the way, also "believes"in God).

*Funny how you can send a thousand 'jokes' through e-mail and they spread like wildfire...

but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord, you think twice about sharing.

*Funny how the lewd, crude, vulgar and obscene pass freely through cyberspace...

but the public discussion of Jesus is suppressed in the school and work place.

*Funny, isn't it? Funny how someone can be so fired up for Christ on Sunday...

but be an invisible Christian the rest of the week.

Are you laughing?

*Funny how when you go to forward this message...

you will not send it to many on your address list because you're not sure what they believe...

or what they will think of you for sending it to them.

*Funny how I can be more worried about what other people think of me...

... than what God thinks of me.

Are you thinking?

Will you share this with people you care about?

Or not?

I picked you guys~

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

And be gracious to you;

And give you His peace.

post this if you believe in God

No bad things will happen to you if you don't, you aren't going to get struck by lightning, denied before god, and no creepy little girl is going to crawl out from under your bed and stab you tongiht.

It's just as simple as reposting something...

repost as-thats deep

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Thursday, March 16th, 2006
11:32 pm - Guess who's got a date!?!?
So, this past weekend and whole week has been pretty awesome. Housesat for a few days..always peaceful and fun. I came home yesterday after school, then Amanda and I decided to go out and get some food. We went to my work to see if my friend Brad wanted to hang out with us, but his mom was there to get him, so we decided to go to bdub's by ourselves..we usually go to the one on the westside, but we decided to go to the one by my house..and I'm sooo glad we did. I met this boy named Mike and he's absolutely adorable and sooo funny. He has a sense of humor that would make anyone melt. I definately had a crush on him when we started talking. We are going on a date tomorrow night after brandy, bev, earl and I go out for Bev's bday...danny and bev's sister robin might go too. It should be fun...I'm REALLY excited about my date...it's going to be SOOO much fun!! I can't wait!! It's so weird because once we started talking we had some people in common. His step mom, well ex step mom lol is one of my teachers I had at Garfield lol smalllll world! He's a really cool guy though..we are going to dinner somewhere and then to see Firewall..should be a blast!! I'll definately update on how it went.

Today Justin and I skipped school lol. we didn't have to be there til 10:45 and then neither of us had class that we had to go to...so we just skipped..that's the first time i've ever really 'skipped' We went and had Chinese and then went shopping...got Bev a bunch of birthday stuff lol and then both of us had to work at 4...fun times, fun times.

well, I think I'm heading to bed..big day tomorrow!! Woot WOOT!


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